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Flags & Balloons

July 04, 2018

Decking out your boat for the 4th of July Parade doesn't have to mean spending lots of $$$$.  You can decorate your boat using flags & balloons.  Add a few hand-made signs or store bought banners to complete the look!  While you're planning, don't forget to dress up your crew!

Have a Theme!

July 04, 2018

Have a themed boat!  Just remember, decorate both sides of the boat.  You won't need lights, as this parade is in the daytime.  ADD some music to your boat, have people dance on the deck.  If you do a themed boat, have people dress up in costume (but remember it may be hot on the 4th, so dress accordingly).  

Sailboats Look Awesome!

July 04, 2018

If you have a sailboat, run your decorations up the masts, hang banners on both sides of the boat.  You could even add a Statue of Liberty to the front of the boat!  

While decorating, plan to have friends help (you can call it a "Boat Decorating Party"--people like parties).  

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