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Fort Pierce Yacht Club Rules

The Fort Pierce Yacht Club is an "all-volunteer" club with no paid employees. Organization of social events, as well as maintenance of the physical facility, is almost entirely dependent on volunteer help. Every member is expected to volunteer, at least once annually, to either host, or assist in hosting, a Members' Meeting or other scheduled social event, to serve behind the bar, or assist in maintaining the building and grounds.

Annual "volunteering" is not a requirement of Club membership, and is not yet a Club rule. The Board of Directors has no wish to make volunteering mandatory as long as there are sufficient member volunteers. However, in the event a scheduled event has no volunteer host, the Commodore, by authorization of the Board of Directors, may appoint a member, or members, normally from a list of non-volunteers, to organize and host the event.


Rules of the Club


Pursuant to Article XIII, Section 2, of the Bylaws of the Fort Pierce Yacht Club, its Board of Directors has established the following rules:


  1. Smoking by all persons using the club facilities is prohibited inside the Clubhouse.  Smoking is permitted outside the building (i.e. on the Clubhouse deck).

  2. Animals are not permitted inside the Clubhouse, on the Clubhouse porch, patio or approach ramps, with the exception of animals included in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

  3. Animals are permitted at Club functions away from the Clubhouse where permitted by the facility being used for the Club function. Recognizing that some members and guests may be allergic, or don't wish to be in close proximity to dogs or other pets, pet owners must be courteous and keep animals under close control at all times. Animals are not permitted in or near food preparation areas and food preparers shall not pet or mingle with animals prior to handling food items.

  4. A Club member must accompany any invited guest to a club function other than visitors from reciprocating yacht clubs.

  5. Scheduled social events:

    1. Members signing up to attend parties but failing to attend, are responsible for payment of the "per person" rate established by the event host for the number of  attendees for which they are responsible on the sign-up sheet unless they notify the host that they will not be attending prior to the deadline established by the party host.

    2. Members who are not on the party sign-up sheet and wish to attend a party (i.e. show up at the door) are allowed to attend only at the discretion of the party host.

  6. Members shall not abuse the privileges of reciprocity afforded by the Club's membership in Yachting Club of America.

  7. No gas or charcoal grills may be used on the Clubhouse porches or patio. Use of grills is confined to the present grilling area.

  8. Members using the Club facilities at times other than at scheduled events are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Club, including the kitchen and restroom, and for disposal of any garbage or other waste resulting from their use. Failure to do so will result in the responsible member being assessed for the cost of cleaning or damage to the facility.

  9. Members proposing to use the Club facilities with groups containing 8 or more non-members, or a group totaling ten or more, must obtain approval of the event by the Board of Directors prior to usage, or pay the established member rental rate. If such usage is approved by the Board, member may be subject to a usage fee and to the rules and liabilities contained in the usage agreement. See the Purser for more details on usage agreements.

  10. Any member may have access to the Club at times not conflicting with 

  11. scheduled activities. Those wanting keys for this purpose may apply to the Club secretary. Issuance of keys will be subject to conditions set forth in a separate document pertaining to the use of the Clubhouse by individual members, to which the applicant is required to abide as a condition of Clubhouse use.

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