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She felt that her heart was beating very fast, but in fact there was no heart, blushing was just an illusion, but the small flames all over her body were slightly exuberant. The task object's eyes sincerely said the words of praise, as if from the heart, she is really some difficult to resist. Forget it. Don't think about it. Ji Min sensed that the little lamp spirit was a little shy, like a mimosa, and would shrink back when touched. He couldn't help chuckling. How could this little thing be so cute! He began to draw. The outline, the color, and the rough image appear on the screen. Yan Tang watched him draw curiously, which was a new and interesting skill for her, which she had not learned in the last task world. This time he painted the animation watercolor style, the color is transparent and beautiful, and the background is a little dreamy pink sky. Then use the perspective of looking up to draw a small lamp spirit, accounting for most of the picture, looks very big, but still very beautiful. The blue flame is elegant and agile, the girl's eyebrows and eyes are smiling, and there is a holy and elegant temperament, which is the spirit of the spirit. Ji Min pursed his lips and smiled: "Actually,sodium cyanide price, you are 1.8 meters tall." Yan Tang: ".." Bully me little! She turned away from him. Ji Min coaxed him in a low voice for a while, but Yan Tang twisted his neck and ignored him. Ji Min helpless, there is a trace of fear that he really offended the little lamp spirit. Only when he saw the other side's slightly bulging cheeks, he could not help laughing again. My God, when the elf is angry, it seems more lovely! Hahaha, be sure to take a picture and make a meme. Ji Min felt that he was really hopeless. Then he quieted down and stopped coaxing her. He pulled back his chair and got up and walked out of the study. After waiting for a moment,gold shaking table, Yan Tang quietly stretched out his head and took a look. The young man had gone without a trace, and he could not hear where he had gone, and the room was silent. Yan Tang sat on the edge of the lamp and suddenly felt a little lost. Not happy, to coax (^) But she waited for a while, Ji Min still did not come back. Yan Tang pursed his mouth slightly, sulked for a moment, and slipped to the bottom of the lamp to sleep. Not long after Ji Min came back, he saw the empty magic lamp, and then he thought about the emotional fluctuations that had just come from the little lamp spirit, and he sniggered. He gently picked up the dark lamp, looked inside with one eye, and called to her, "Little girl, come out." "Humph ~" The little lamp spirit is not angry now. But you can't just ask him to go out. How embarrassing it is. You have to shout at least three times. She is not easy to bully. Ji Min continued to coax softly: "You come out quickly, tin beneficiation plant ,manganese beneficiation plant, don't be angry, I brought you sugar." "It's delicious. It's super sweet. It's suitable for a little girl like you." "I've brought you a beautiful little friend. Would you like to have a look?" Yan Tang was a little curious, but slowly refused: "I don't eat sugar, thank you." On second thought, he was teasing her again, knowing that she only fed on good thoughts! Yan Tang was ready to talk to him and floated out. As soon as he came out, he almost bumped into another "self" and was slightly surprised. She stepped back a little, and so did she. Only then did Yan Tang see that Ji Min had a mirror in his hand and was looking at her. Ji Min smiled at the corners of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows. "Look at your little friend. Is he as cute as you?" Yan Tang quietly looked at the mirror out of the corner of his eye, and the little lamp spirit in the mirror also secretly aimed at her. The lamp spirit in the mirror was symmetrical to her, with the same movements and the same subtle expressions. Then. She looked at the lamp spirit in the mirror, slightly pouting and angry, and held back for a moment, almost bursting out laughing. After the laugh, Yan Tang was a little annoyed. The task object is teasing her again! Teasing her eight hundred times a day. He is so bad that he always bullies her QAQ. Ji Min was in a happy mood, with a kind smile like an old father. He thought the little lamp was so cute that he could look at her all day when she looked in the mirror. Can't help but want to tease her, want to play with her, her little expressions are so cute. My mother duck, what is this fairy spirit! Yan Tang sat on the edge of the lamp with his back to him, feeling aggrieved. She worked so hard to do the task, but she was always bullied, and she had no power to fight back. Because she is a kind and good spirit QAQ. If you bully me again, I won't help you. Yan Tang thought to himself. Ji Min gets better, also dare not really tease too hard, hastened to apologize: I was wrong, I didn't mean it. I won't tease you. I'm sorry. He was happy to tease her just now, but now no matter how he coaxed her, the little lamp spirit ignored him. Yan Tang desperately sulked, ignored, and proudly raised his chin. Until a barking of dogs broke the deadlock. Four eyes barking outside, although the voice is not too fierce, but Ji Min still gathered a smile, a little dignified, afraid of any accident. Yan Tang also forgot to continue to be angry, followed by looking out of the past. Ji Min got up to go, thought about it, then picked up the lamp and stuffed it in his pocket. He took a baseball bat in the corner and went out to check the situation. In fact, he was a little puzzled and could not guess what had happened. It's only three or four o'clock in the afternoon, and it's not dark. What can happen? When you get to the door, open the door. Ji Min: ".." Four Eyes:.. Woof! "" It wagged its tail happily, raised its head and squatted on the ground waiting for praise. Ji Min's slender eyebrows wrinkled together. Yan Tang stretched out his head from his pocket and saw a gray dead hare in front of his four eyes. Then look at its face "praise me quickly", it is obvious that this is the prey it gave to its master. She could feel that Ji Min was not happy, but the good will in him surged out again. Ji Min's lips were slightly pursed, and his mood was a little complicated-he was so lucky that he picked up a clever dog, and it could hunt! There is a sparse mountain forest not far from here, and there are probably some small game. But he doesn't like to kill. Then Ji Min half crouched,Portable gold trommel, slightly slanted his head, staring at the dog who claimed credit for his favor, his eyes a little serious.