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Originally thought that their own hidden art is magic enough, even the late yuan Po monks may not be able to feel, so rest assured to hide aside, want to slip away after a while. Unexpectedly, the ancient demon not only showed him, but also pretended not to know that he was attacked. I was almost killed by him. It seems that this war, do not fight also fight! Chapter eight hundred and forty first fight demon soul Han Lichong Linghu Lao Zu nodded and suddenly twisted his head and said to the purple spirit: ? Your cultivation is too low. You can't help here. Instead, you may lose your life. Let's get out of here! Don't worry. Now that we're here, he won't do anything to you. He and Ziling finally had some friendship, so he opened his mouth and asked him to leave. Otherwise, you can't worry about this woman when you fight for a while! Purple spirit listened to this word to be in a daze first, after hesitating, nod cleverly. Since Han Daoyou said so, the little girl went first. Brother Han, take care of yourself! Purple spirit said softly. Then looked at the bottom, south longhou "and took a deep look at Linghu laozu there after a glance, it turned into a startled rainbow flying through the air.". Below, south longhou "I don't know is feel purple spirit repair for too shallow is not worth a shot, or in the face of Han Li three people really some hard, cold look at the far away purple spirit one eye, eyes back to re-stare at Han Li.". Han Li saw that the other side's eyes were not good, and his face sank with one hand. Several thick golden arcs emerged on the arm,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, and the sound of the thunderbolt rumbled. The whole arm flashes in an instant, dazzling! In the face of such a terrible ancient demon, Han Li did not have the mind to test what, a hand is specialized in restraining the evil spirit of the magic God thunder. This divine thunder has never let him down in the face of magic and sorcery since it came into his hands. Although this ancient demon is so fierce, Han Li still has some confidence in exorcising evil spirits. As soon as I saw the golden electric fox bouncing on Han Li's arm, "South Longhou, his eyelids jumped a few times, and his pupils shrank suddenly." I know you. I have a very deep impression of you in the residual memory of this guy, although I don't remember anything specific. But the original owner of this body is very afraid of you. Now it seems that this feeling example is really not wrong,glass cream jars, not only can see through the attack of the Venerable, but also can drive the evil spirit God thunder that made us suffer in those years. I'm afraid it's going to take a lot of work to solve you. South Longhou, after staring at Han Li for a while, finally spoke coldly. Han Li listened to these Yan Yue. There was a sneer at the corners of his mouth, and his expression did not change at all, except that the golden arc on his arm was three points bigger. At the same time, he threw his sleeve robe. A small blue shield flew out, and a light curtain that turned into a blue cliff after circling covered Han Li in it. At this time, Han Li took the initiative to stand in the front, ready to block, south Longhou, the appearance. Linghu Lao Zu and the woman in white immediately looked at each other with great joy in their hearts. Han Li's reputation is really not small now, almost only after yuan Po's late existence, can not help but let these two people have some confidence in their hearts. Immediately, the two of them moved their lips slightly and made a sound. Immediately about one point before the slow test, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,oil dropper bottle, ready to assist Han Li from both sides. South Longhou, see Han Li not by words movie star, mind very firm appearance. Frowns inadvertently wrinkled, but a mouth, and the emergence of a ferocious fierce color. He stamped his foot without saying a word, and his body shook out a shadow, which suddenly disappeared from the original place. Han looked calm on the facade. But in the heart one Rin, raised the warning of twelve points. But under the sweep of divine consciousness, he could not detect the traces of the other side at all. It is indeed worthy of being an ancient demon, and this means of hiding is enough to restrain the death of ordinary monks. In the heart such thought rice, Han Li actually unhurriedly eyes one narrow. The blue awn in the eyes flashed, and the magical powers of the Ming and Qing Dynasties were displayed by its road heat. Suddenly he raised one hand, and the golden arc on his arm immediately catapulted out and turned into a golden net, which fell down to an empty place. Suddenly, the arc and roar interweaved into one. A strange scene appeared, the original place. A flash of light. South Longhou unexpectedly suddenly appeared there. As soon as he showed his figure, he saw countless gold arcs, big and small, moving straight down from his head. Can not help but slightly surprised. But immediately look a heavy shoulders shaking, a large afterimage emerged, after the arc landed, afterimage are extinguished, but the real body is no strange trace. Han Li's lips closed tightly, his eyes flashed blue, and he slanted his head to one side. But the other arm suddenly lifted and aimed in the opposite direction. As soon as the thunderbolt sounded, a thick golden arc popped up from the palm of the hand in an instant, and the target was an ordinary place six or seven feet away. As a result, the golden arc just catapulted to the front of the "South Longhou", and the figure just came out there, as if he had taken the initiative to go forward. I can only watch the thunder and the electric arc come to my face. B ear "South Longhou, this time really surprised, once can be said to be lucky, but twice in a row can accurately find him, this is by no means a coincidence.". The other side can really see through his tracks. This time, the timing of Han Li's attack was too good. See gold arc, south longhou can't avoid. Can only double eyebrow suddenly side vertical a mouth, a group of black and red magic flame blurted out, just hit with the gold arc together. With a light sound, the golden arc of flame flashed like fire and water, turning into a puff of smoke and disappearing at the same time. Eh! This time, it was Han Li's turn to change his face. This ancient demon has a way to ward off evil spirits! True black red flame side bottom what under the banner flame, unexpectedly fierce so. But Han Li noticed it carefully. The group of magic flame disappeared to the moment, "South Longhou, the face is inadvertently a white, although the blink of an eye on the restoration of the normal color.". But it is clear that the Red Devils are definitely not ordinary things to say to the other side. Most of them are also involved in the relationship with Jingyuan Guili. Han Li has not yet figured out how to use this matter, "South Longhou, a gold arc out, the body suddenly a touch of the whole person weak boneless like a strange elongation, suddenly to the front of Han Li.". After he smiled at Han Liyin, a pair of fists wrapped in magic gas hit him hard. Han Li looked calm,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and after a slight step back unhurriedly, there was a thunder behind him, and a pair of silver-white wings emerged in the silver light.