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Nov 17, 2021
In DIY Boat Yards
We had heard that the owner of Svea was going to take a sabbatical from sailing for a year and the crews on Svea and the Mod 70 Orion were now seeking new gigs to keep them on the water and out of trouble, but the just announced listing of Svea most likely means the end of the road. The J-Class showed a lot of promise 2 years ago when 9 J-Class boats were afloat and it seemed like the parade of these elegant racing machines at various exclusive events and locations was just getting started. But 2018 witnessed a splintering of the fleet and only 3 boats here and 4 boats there events occurred and the promise looked dashed. And now with Svea on the market, it appears that at least one owner has thrown in the towel. Been there, done that.


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