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Dec 19, 2019
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While your wardrobe and luggage greatly depend on the type of boating trip—cruising, whale watching, sailing expeditions or a one-day boating outings—the basics are usually the same. So, here’s a little guide perfect for first-time boaters looking for a few packing tips. Safety first No matter what kind of boating trip you’re planning, make sure to pack a good first-aid kit—seasickness help and your prescribed meds all need to have an honorary place in your kid. Sun might also be a problem for you, both during your warm and cold water boating trips, so pack a hat to shield your face and some long sleeves to protect your skin. Of course, plenty of sunscreen and lip balm is also a must. High-quality pair of polarized sunglasses will also come in handy. Practical clothing Water trips in warm weather usually require brightly-colored clothing that’s comfortable and loose. You’ll feel comfy wearing some baggy linen shorts and have fun choosing the best summer dresses. You will also need two pairs of shoes—one you can easily slip on and off when on deck and one for shore excursions. Of course, your swimsuit (or two) is a must. And since some warm areas get cool during the night, a long-sleeved hoodie might also come in handy. Also, don’t forget mosquitoes—pack mosquito netting and insect repellent. When it comes to colder destinations, you will need warm gloves and a hat that will cover your ears. Long sleeves are a way to go, so thing sweaters and hoodies as well as thermal underwear for your base layer. Waterproof jacket, pants and shoes will keep you warm and prevent any water from reaching your body and drawing warmth. For some polar expeditions, you might also want to pack a sleeping bag for extra warmth during the night. Pack waterproof gadgets While boat trips are perfectly safe, depending on your type of boat, you might come in contact with some water. In that case, it’s best to leave your fragile gadgets at home and pack something more durable. Start by grabbing a beautiful yet durable waterproof watch that will be your companion throughout your trip. This is a perfect accessory for both water activities and elegant dinners and shore excursions. You might also want to protect your phone with a waterproof pouch and grab some waterproof headphones for enjoying music on your deck pool (if your boat has one). Pack your own mask and snorkel If you’re taking warm water boating trip, you’ll probably have an opportunity to go snorkeling. But, instead of getting a subpar mask and snorkel from the boat, bring your own—having a leaky mask can totally ruin your experience. Before you dive in, grab some toothpaste and rub on the inside of your mask to prevent the glass from fogging up. Bring some food and drinks Sun exposure, wind exposure and swimming in salt water will all leave your body begging for hydration. So, in order to stay properly hydrated, always have a refillable water bottle with you—this will remind you to consume enough water. Also, all the excitement and physical activity will make you super hungry, so having a nutritious trail mix and some protein bars will help you stay strong between meals. Don’t forget entertainment If you’re cruising on a huge ship, you’ll have plenty of things to keep you occupied while you’re out at sea, but a smaller vessel might awaken some boredom during downtime. So, make sure to pack a good book, a deck of cards or a practical handheld gaming console. While you can enjoy the view during the day, these entertainment items will come in handy when the night falls and you’re left without beautiful views. If you come prepared, there’s nothing that could ruin your sea adventure. Make sure to stay safe and warm, and you will hardly be able to wait until your next boating trip!
How to Dress and Pack for a Boat Trip
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