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Fort Pierce Yacht Club

We are a club of like-minded boating enthusiasts who enjoy socializing as well as being out on the water!  We are a small all-volunteer club which works and plays hard together!  We are a club who gives back to the community!  We are the Fort Pierce Yacht Club!

Classes of Membership

  • Regular, Individual, Junior

  • Non-Resident

  • Associate, Honorary and Life

All classes of membership (except Honorary, Junior & Associate) are entitled to vote at meetings of the Club

  • Junior members are individuals under the age of 25

Annual Dues

  • Regular-----------$450.00 +tax *

  • Individual--------$270.00 +tax *

  • Junior ------------$100.00 +tax *

  • Non-Resident--$180.00 +tax *

  • Associate--------$180.00 +tax *

  • Honorary members shall pay no dues.

  • Life members shall pay a fee set by the Board of Directors and no future dues.

* Sales tax is governed by the state and subject to change without notice.

For additional membership information please contact Ruth Jaroski, by filling out the request form below:

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